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At Skyline Services, we have found, through experience, systematic work that helps us deliver the quality interior painting job we promised you.

INTERIOR painting

EXTERIOR painting

Interior painting in your home can be a massive project you may not want to do alone. Skyline Services offers full and professional service that can help you turn your home interiors with the best value.​


- All interior painting/color changes

- Wallpaper removal

- Bathrooms

- Trim and molding painting

- Kitchens  

- Hallways

- Garages

- Pantries

- ceilings and more...

We offer painting services to protect your home from the elements and provide a fresh, modern upgrade. 

A professional, top-quality paint job will immediately improve your home's value and curb appeal; we are qualified for this. 


- Exterior Color painting/ changes

- Stucco Painting

- Exterior Trim Painting

- Decks & Railing

- Doors & Windows

- Fence Painting

- Front Door Refinishing & Staining

- Shutter Painting and more...

Our Painting Services Include

1. Clean

2. Surface Preparation

3. Paint

4. Clean

5. Inspect

Based on your proposal, we'll thoroughly clean your surfaces using either power washing or hand washing to remove dirt, mildew, and anything else that might hinder a perfect paint job.

For a flawless finish, we meticulously prepare your surfaces:

  • Removing loose paint ensures a strong bond.

  • Scuff sanding glossy areas creates ideal adhesion.

  • Caulking gaps prevents future moisture problems.

The repaired areas will be primed, and we'll apply premium-quality paint to achieve a uniform, beautiful finish.

We believe in a clean workspace! We'll perform daily cleanups throughout the project and a final thorough cleaning upon completion. This includes removing paint chips and neatly packing up all our materials.

After a meticulous inspection by our team, we'll invite you to inspect the work and provide feedback for our crew.


We are painting

  • Baseboards

  • Basements

  • Bedrooms, bathrooms

  • ​Cabinets, hand railings

  • ​Crown moldings

  • Family rooms, play rooms

  • ​Kitchens, laundry rooms

  • Living rooms, dining rooms

  • ​Offices

  • Walls, ceilings, doors

  • Garage doors and carports

  • ​Patios, pagodas, decks

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